Hunting experts help locals stay safe during the 2022 Fall season

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Local experts shared tips on ways hunters can improve their safety this season.

Hunting Safety Trainers say accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. However, most accidents are easily avoidable.

“We learn gun handling by watching TV,” says Nick Trim, Law Enforcement Trainer. “As kids, we watch gun handling on TV and we watch basically how they do it is how people learn how they do it without having a professional instructor or someone like that to work with them to create bad habits on their own and then we have to overcome those bad habits as adults.”

Trim says those handling weapons should always have the safety on unless they are intended to shoot.

“I have to make the conscious decision to go from here to the safety to the trigger when I make the decision to shoot,” Trim explained.

An experienced bow hunter says that bullets are not the only thing to worry about.

“You can put yourself in danger fast if you are on a stand without a harness,” said Gavin Rainwater, Hunting expert. “You can slip, trip, fall, any of that kind of stuff; you owe that to yourself and your family to wear a harness anytime you get off the ground when hunting. I personally know a person that fell 20 feet and had a severe concussion.”

Rainwater explains further that hunters should always inspect their equipment and note anything that may be suspect of failure.

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