Hundreds of students participate in PSU’s Big Event

Service project helps those in the community
Hundreds of students participate in PSU’s Big Event
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Pittsburg State University Students get up on Jim Brumfield’s roof for the community service project called The Big Event.

Six years ago, military veteran Jim Brumfield was in a biking accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury.

Brumfield:”I was paralyzed from the neck down, can you believe that? Well, here I am.. a walking miracle.”

He’s gained back most of his mobility through extensive physical therapy.. but still has some trouble with chores and things outside.

Brumfield:”I could not keep up with the maintenance that this place requires.”

Luckily.. PSU students can.

More than 600 students signed up for one of the university’s biggest service projects.

The goal: giving back to the community that supports them.

Steve Scott, PSU President, “Let them say thank you to you, but also say thank you to them. And your work certainly does that.”

Students raked, gardened, painted and cleaned out gutters at more than 90 different homes around Pittsburg and Frontenac.

Tanner Peabody, PSU Student:”For the most part it’s all either elderly or disabled people. So, it’s definitely awesome to be able to help them out.”

But i’s more than just a way for the students to give back. It also teaches them teamwork, and how something as simple as raking leaves can really make an impact.

Brumfield:”They could be doing a lot of things, but they chose to come here to help us. I consider them a God send, and the work that they’re doing is a blessing for us.”

A big event that leaves a big mark on the community.

This was the 16-th year for the event.

The school wrapped up the day with Bananarama — a party with music and games for students that helped with the project.