Humane Society seeks justice after dog thrown from moving car

With the help of the shelter's staff, Sunshine the red heeler is on the road to recovery.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – At approximately 3:30pm on Monday evening, several staff members at the Humane Society heard a car in the distance driving toward the shelter. When the car got closer, they were able to identify the make/model as a red Chrysler PT Cruiser.

One staff member witnessed the driver shove a dog out the window as it passed by. The red heeler hit the ground hard as the car drove away, at which point the staff rushed to tend to her. Unable to get the license plate, they immediately brought the dog to a contracted veteraniarian for emergency medical care.

Eventually named Sunshine by the Humane Society staff, she reportedly has no broken bones, though her current condition shows years of “neglect and very bad treatment.” She is currently eating and slowly on the mend, and according to Jasmine Kyle of the SEK Humane Society, continues to be very loving toward humans.

The Humane Society posted a fundraiser yesterday on Facebook to buy her medical supplies to treat her skin. While they went in with the goal of raising $300, the community came together to raise more than $2,000.[0]=68.ARBozJGuMakG1lPCktMEkcQ6KoBM2gJQ7MzNGy8_6Bl2BOY5EaYS0EwY-kXez0DC8pemYTjU2o0WDp5kx4PhpoQmxeDjxPQ83OKVM3vOlgmAet9RpkaEGGxh5X0nO-uy-HtC_h5k_cyQgRM77bfap8KCUckM6FdZx-MysykOZpp-PiTNCJzUI8_lU5ul5aZ30q7_meRcKp-0LWPpb_Be-Jr_Z3K2pY6m6PdVHQhvAyDZ0l61ybMxKCNZx8zvBnhOe_NSQLG5NA7heQgJtzASkF-Kv_H6pVgj-LCPgLk_RDqGWghfpVGU1dcQafKa5Qd5H7h_g6Kg9qkJUoL1nVw_FjLL9A&__tn__=-R

Updates on Sunshine will be posted on the SEK Humane Society page, and once Sunshine is fully healed, the adoption fee will be waived.

If you think you may recognize Sunshine, the vehicle, or have any information regarding this case, contact the Humane Society either on Facebook or by calling them at (620) 232-1840