Humane Societies Combat Overflow Issue

Humane Society Animals Overflow

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Humane societies in Joplin and Pittsburg have come up with ways to combat the shelters’ excessive occupancy issues.

Many shelters are facing high occupancy that is leaving them with the inability to allow new intakes.  The SEK Humane Society is fighting this issue by waiving adoption fees July 22 through July 24 and teaming up with Best Friends Animal Society for the National Adoption Weekend event.

“We’ve received a lot of surrendered dogs,” said Ramsey Witterstaetter, SEK Humane Society Animal Care Team Leader. “We also have a really long intake list of people not being able to take care of them anymore or their situation has changed.”

However, Tianna Fisher, Joplin Humane Society Shelter Service Manager, said, “We’re always at capacity during the summer months, it’s not a new thing, so even with the economy the way it is.”

Both have reported high call volumes from community members in need of pet supplies because of inflation prices.

Visit the humane societies website for more information on upcoming adoption events.