Huge Chief’s fan celebrating her 100th birthday gets surprise of a lifetime with Chief’s playoff tickets

Helen Hubbard has never been to a Chief's game before

It was the surprise of a lifetime for Helen Hubbard.

Hubbard turned 100 years-old on January 8th, 2020. She celebrated her birthday on January 11th, at First Christian Church in Carthage, surrounded by friends and family.

She currently lives in an independent living center, called St. Luke’s Nursing Center. Helen is a WWII Veteran, still drives and is a HUGE Chiefs fan.

Helen had never been to a Chief’s game before, so Stacy Bennett who works at the Nursing Center decided to do something special. She got in contact with Aaron Sachs of Sachs and Associates to help give Helen the best birthday surprise ever.

“You know I try to do everything I can for my residents cause you know it’s their home” said Bennett.

Sachs was able to get Helen Chief’s playoff tickets for Sunday, January 12th.

“”Stacey got in contact with that was through the Chiefs she got in contact with Aaron Sachs Aaron Sachs said well hey we’ve got some tickets that we can send down if she wants to go to the game tomorrow she called me I told her she really needed to let us think about it because with all the family here I wasn’t sure if mom would want to leave everybody here, we decided to take a chance and she’s really excited about it, really stoked about it, so we’re going up there tomorrow and I think that’s just a wonderful thing that everyone did” added Dolph Hubbard, Helen’s son.

At the birthday party, Helen’s son’s and Stacey handing the tickets over in a card to Helen, who promptly said ‘It’s money of course’. But to her surprise it was tickets to the Chief’s game. She was stunned and excited.

“Am I excited? No I always talk this loud and cry. I wouldn’t have thought I was gonna get that in a hundred years” said Helen.

KOAM was able to help coordinate getting the tickets from Aaron to Helen’s son to be given to her at the party.