HUD awards new grants to help homelessness in Missouri

HUD awards new grants to help homelessness in Missouri

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today awarded $4,452,846 to support 22 new homeless programs across Missouri. View a complete list of all the state and local homeless projects awarded funding.

CoC Competition Grants for Jasper and Newton Counties:

2018 SCN – Shelter Plus Care Joplin CoCR — $239,249
2018 The Salvation Army of Joplin, MO RRH Renewa CoCR — $26,139
Catholic Charities RRH Jasper/Newton CoCR — $24,176
Chronic Homeless 2018 CoCR — $49,671
ESC Rapid Re-Housing 2018 CoCR — $71,012
Permanent Housing for Persons With A Disability 2018 CoCR — $83,419
Planning Project 2018 CoC — $16,826
Rapid Re-Housing 2018 CoCR — $36,408
Shelter Plus Care 2018 CoCR — $79,068

Last month, HUD announced $31,916,171 in grants to renew funding to 116 local homeless assistance programs throughout Missouri. Combined, this funding represents a $36,369,017 investment to support local efforts across the state to reduce and end homelessness.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson made a national funding announcement in Akron, Ohio today during a visit to the Battered Women’s Shelter, a HUD-assisted local program that houses domestic violence victims who are at risk of homelessness.

“Today we make another critical investment to those persons and families living in our shelters and on our streets,” said HUD Secretary Ben Carson. “These new programs will join those already on the front lines in their communities working to end homelessness.”

“With the additional funding for new projects, local homeless providers can expand their programs to serve the most vulnerable families and individuals in their communities,” added Regional Administrator Jason Mohr.

HUD grants support a broad array of interventions designed to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness, particularly those living in places not meant for habitation, located in sheltering programs, or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Each year, HUD serves more than a million people through emergency shelter, transitional, and permanent housing programs.

HUD continues to challenge state and local planning organizations called “Continuums of Care” to support their highest performing local programs that have proven most effective in meeting the needs of persons experiencing homelessness in their communities. Many of these state and local planners also embraced HUD’s call to shift funds from existing underperforming projects to create new ones that are based on best practices that will further their efforts to prevent and end homelessness.