Kitchen Confidential: Making the most of your pantry

Chef Mike Clark shows us which kitchen essentials we truly need and how to get the most out of them.


As we try to limit the number of trips we make to the grocery store in order to continue preventing the spread of COVID-19, we’re also looking for ways to make the most of the staple items we keep in our pantry.

This morning our own Jesse Irwin is joined by Chef Mike Clark of Finn’s & Clark’s Cuisine to see how the pros capitalize on the essentials, and turn what appears to be the bare necessities into culinary innovation.

Watch Chef Mike provide a full critique of Jesse’s kitchen:

Maximizing your Kitchen with Chef Mike Clark

As we limit the number of grocery store runs we make, what do we truly need to keep in our kitchens & how do we make the most of it?I asked Chef Mike to critique my cabinets, and while Jen and I were ready for the owner of Finn's to provide solid feedback, we should've known he'd see ingredients and immediately start creating recipes off the top of his head.(Here's a recipe he showed me the other day using ingredients that are almost always available:

Posted by Jesse Irwin – KOAM FOX14 on Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Here’s his recipe for a Tequila Tilapia: