How local police adapt to rising gas prices

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Kan. – The rising cost of fuel is taking its toll on the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office’s budget.

In the last few months, rising gas prices have increased fuel spending from the CCSO by over 60 percent.

Crawford County Sherriff Danny Smith expects that number to continue rising in the near future.

“This time last year in May, our fuel bill was just a little under 11,000 for that month, so it was about 10,700. And that was at a 263 average Well, this May the average is 383, and it was a $16,000 bill. So, you know, so we’re seeing about a $6,000 from last time, you know, this time last year,” Smith explained.

Sherif Smith says conserving fuel is difficult when it comes to law enforcement. If officers turn off their patrol vehicles, they lose access to radio and other necessities needed to keep citizens safe.

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