How changes in unemployment are affecting local workers

JOPLIN, Mo. – We first introduced you to Asenath Hanshaw in April of this year, after she had been furloughed from her job in the salon at Ulta Beauty in Joplin. We followed up with her today to see if anything has changed.

Asenath Hanshaw works in the salon at Ulta Beauty, that is, she did, until the shut down. Then, came the announcement that Ulta, among other retailers, were reopening. “There was an excitement and also a big hesitation because I do work on people, so, it made me a little apprehensive to go back to work and then to find out they didn’t even have that many people coming back, it was kinda a let down but kinda a relief at the same time.”

She says that relief is because she avoided being out when local case numbers were rising. But that relief itself, is short-lived, because the extra unemployment assistance that’s been getting her family through the furlough, came to an end. “Now that it has stopped it’s starting to get a little scary because again, I don’t have a date that I’m going back to work so now I’m just going off the small unemployment that you get regularly.”

With that also comes the return to the regular requirements for unemployment. “Right now with unemployment we do have to fill out the three work searches, so I do that, and, I’m kinda hoping I don’t have to leave Ulta but, if it comes down to it I’ll have to have a paycheck at the end of the day to support my family.”

Pam Regan with the Missouri Career Center says they’ve seen an up tick in clients. “Our call volume has gone up slightly just this week since the President did make the $400 executive order.”

Regan adds there are options for folks like Hanshaw who are simply waiting. “We do have a temporary employment hiring event on our Sector Ready dot org website, those were employers that have been identified as having temporary positions, so if they’re looking for something in the interim before they can go back to their normal, regular employment, those positions are available, we also have a part-time job fair there.”

Click here for the Sector Ready website.