Hope City Church hosts first community hero day

Held to recognize local law enforcement
Hope City Church hosts first community hero day

Hope City Church in Joplin hosted it’s first community hero day for local law enforcement.

Police, EMT’s, Firefighters, State Highway Patrol and Military from local counties were invited to attend a day to recognize them for their work.

There were police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and even a helicopter at the event, where community members could check them out.

Lead pastor at Hope City Church, Cody Walker says that these local officials are not recognized enough for what they do. The church wanted to have an event to say thank you.

“One of the things that makes the event special, is it gives us a chance to give back to those who are serving us on a daily basis, all hours of the day. all hours of the night, it gives us a chance just to say thank you.”

There was also free food, inflatables for kids, games and raffles.