Homeless people found living on private property in Pittsburg

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Police responded to a report of homeless people staying on private property in north Pittsburg last week.

According to City Manager Daron Hall, Touchton Electric & Alarms called police after finding a power cord running into the wooded area behind their business. Authorities found three people staying in that area, northeast of 29th and Broadway, and was using the electric cord to power some of their devices.

The property they were on was private property, belonging to Apostolic Christian Faith church. The Police Department called in the City’s Housing and Community Development Department to remove the three people. Hall says their needs are being evaluated and help will be provided where it’s needed.

The City of Pittsburg has several housing and assisted living programs available. Hall says a lot of the time, homeless people also need help from social services for pre-existing conditions or medications.

Hall says the city does a homeless count each year. He says generally there are more than a dozen but less than 20 homeless people in the city at any given time. The City has several businesses that have reachout programs for the homeless population.

Hall says no criminal charges are being filed.

Image Of Wooded Area In Pittsburg Sent To Koam, Aug. 2020

Image of where 3 homeless people were living in Pittsburg, sent to KOAM