Home for Hero

Home for Hero

Robert Munson is a veteran with a disability who served his country in the U.S. Navy from 1961 to 1991. He traces his medical problems back to his time in Vietnam.

“I contacted this Agent Orange, and first I had 2 heart attacks back to back, and then I got Parkinson’s, and now I’ve got Neuropathy,” said Robert.

Robert depends on his motorized scooter to get around, and his old place in Pittsburg just didn’t have the space or accessibility. But Robert’s wife Cheryl had an answer: her father’s old warehouse in Mindenmines, Missouri could hold a home inside it!

“So I told him, I’ve always wanted to put a house out here. Everything’s all one level. We can just drive our vehicles in and not even have to get out in the weather. Everything being level is just going to make it easier on both of us,” said Cheryl.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs agreed to help Robert and they agreed that the warehouse would be a great spot for a handicap accessible home, but Robert first needed to secure local funding to get the project started. That’s where Pittsburg’s Labette Bank stepped in.

“We were glad to do it, very proud of it. Robert’s been with the bank for several years. He’s served his country for many, many years, and it’s just an honor and a privilege to help somebody like that,” said David Moore, bank president of the Pittsburg branch.

The new home in Mindenmines has a ton of features that will make Robert’s life easier, like a shower with a ramp for wheelchair access, a specially placed oven, a microwave accessible when sitting in a wheelchair or scooter, a sink that can be accessed underneath from a wheel chair, an accessible washer and dryer, and just space in general for Robert to maneuver.

This home for a hero wouldn’t exist without some 4-State help, and there are some people Robert would like to thank.

“I want to thank my wife. She’s been taking care of me and helping me a lot. I want to thank Labette Bank for acquiring the extra funding we needed to do this. And most of all, I would really like to thank the V.A. for setting me up with this special housing deal,” said Robert.

The Munsons’ new Mindenmines home is almost complete, and they hope to move in this month.