Holiday shopping causing stress for some

Holiday shopping causing stress for some

Christmas may be a time of celebration and joy but the season can bring stress for some. It’s almost time to unwrap gifts but one consumer poll shows that this year people aren’t in a big rush to get their shopping done.

In just a few weeks presents will need to be wrapped and under the tree and shoppers at the Northpark mall are on a mission to get it done in time.

“I saw a woman earlier she had like 7 bags in her hands and she was on a mission to get to point b,” says shopper Tony Shores.

And a poll shows that this year, Americans are slow to shop Thirty six percent of adults who responded hadn’t done any shopping in the first week of the month.

“I literally just started, everything that’s in this bag, and I don’t even know what I’m getting anybody so just kind of guessing,” says Andrew Pittman.

He’s not the only one, the poll shows there are far more holiday procrastinators this year. But, some do take it very seriously.

“I’m almost done. I shop all year round. I’m a bargain shopper so I look for coupons that come out from stores, bath and body, and places like that all year round. I buy things when they’re on sale so that when it comes to Christmas time, I just have a few more things to buy,” says Katie Schneider.

But even those who start early find themselves back at the mall.

“I’d like to be [done], but you never know. Things pop up at the end,” says shopper Judy Parchman.

Many can agree that shopping for the holidays causes a great deal of stress and anxiety. The results of the poll show that 46 percent of those who say they’re stressed cite the reason as spending money. Other causes include not having enough time to get it all done and deciding the perfect gift to get their loved ones.

“I’m very practical about those things. Like I say a large family you’ve got to spread that dollar best you can,” says Parchman.

“People can’t make up their minds on what they want so I get gift cards, and then they can get whatever they want,” says Shores.

We are in the middle of its 27th annual Toybox Campaign. If you find yourself getting some last minute shopping done this weekend, we will be accepting donations until Tuesday.