Holiday Fire Safety Tips from the Joplin Fire Department

JOPLIN, Mo. – As we wrap up the Christmas season and kids and parents begin to enjoy their new toys or electronics, some things to think about are how to properly handle those electronics so that it does not cause a fire.

The Joplin Fire Department says it happens year-round, where electronics are mishandled resulting in an electrical fire in the home.
They say the biggest thing is to watch out for is when you are charging your electronic devices as electronics have gotten smaller than years past making their capability of cooling down harder.

Things like phones, tablets, electronic gaming devices.

They say not to charge electronics on any surface that could retain the heat of the device as that could start a fire.
The best place is to leave them charging is on a hard flat surface.

“Some of your older houses, they weren’t designed for as many electronics as we have today so making sure you’re not plugging too many things in one circuit and really it’s just important to keep everything where it has room to get the air to keep the item cool” said Captain Daniel Jobe with the Joplin Fire Department.

“There’s been cases where kids have gone to bed with their tablets plugged in trying to watch a movie or play a game, they fall asleep and now that’s in your child’s bed and that’s potential for a fire in the middle of the night and a chance they may not wake up if that fire were to occur and they can’t get out of the house

He adds that heaters are a big thing to watch out for as we move into January and the weather gets colder.