Historic building in Pittsburg joins Crime Watch Program

Historic building in Pittsburg joins Crime Watch Program
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Hotel Stilwell has seen a lot of changes since 1889. From a historical hotel, to an empty building, and now a rental property.
Resident of the complex for more than eight years, Jan Cashero has witnessed some of those changes. Including the latest push against drugs and illegal activities inside the building.

“I have seen a lot of people come and go,” said Cashero

Through an international program with the Pittsburg Police Department, Hotel Stilwell joined the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program in June of 2013.

“The police have talked to us and educated us, and we know now more what to look for,” said Cashero.

In the pas,t police calls and unwelcome guests were not uncommon.

“Homeless or vagrant people, issues with residents, we haven’t had a lot of drug activity but some we suspected,” said Building Manager Deanna Blithe

Police say calls to the hotel have been cut in half since the program began.

“You know, knowing that back up is there it makes them (tenant) rest easier,” said Blithe.

For more information on the program click here.http://www.crime-free-association.org/multi-housing.htm

Press Release from the Pittsburg PD.

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program
The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is an international program that was designed to assist tenants, owners and managers of rental properties in keeping drugs and other illegal activities off of their property. The program helps to inform owners, managers, and staff of their legal rights for screening and evictions, how to identify items associated with drug manufacturing and use, and of possible security problems they may have at their complexes. The program opens the lines of communication between managers and law enforcement, and allows for valuable information sharing. The end goal of the program is to create a safer and more secure property that attracts law abiding tenants.
The program consists of three phases that must be completed before final certification can be awarded. The first phase is an 8-hour class about the program, the second phase is a site survey of the complex where safety measures are assessed, and the third phase is a safety social that the complex must put on for its tenants. After all three phases have been successfully completed, the complex is presented with a Crime Free Multi-Housing sign to display on their property. This sign is intended to serve two purposes; firstly to let future and current tenants know that this property works closely with the police department to keep them safe, and secondly to hopefully deter those intending to conduct illegal activity from living at or frequenting the complex.
The Hotel Stilwell, located at 707 North Broadway Street has successfully completed all three phases of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. The Pittsburg Police Department will recognize and present their sign to display on April 1st, 2014, 1:00 p.m. at the Hotel Stilwell. The Pittsburg Police Department and the Hotel Stilwell would like to invite the local media to attend this ceremony, in order to share this achievement with the citizens of Pittsburg. Officer Stephanie Garrison
Crime Free Multi-Housing Program Coordinator Pittsburg Police Department