Higher Power Garage raising money to replace car hauler after two were stolen

The efforts are being put forth through a Facebook fundraiser and a volunteer going door to door,
Higher Power Garage
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JOPLIN, Mo. – On November 18th, two trailers were stolen from the lot of Higher Power Garage in Joplin.​

“He said I need to show you something and we went outside and he showed me where the fence had been cut and somebody literally just backed in or whatever they did I guess and cut the locks and one at a time and pulled off with both of our car haulers” said Tabitha Morelock.

Their security cameras were also tampered with, meaning none of the theft was recorded. The faith based nonprofit admits it came as a blow.

“We’re not really sure what happened there but we know that there’s a reason and that God has got a plan, but it was just definitely the most frustrating and confusing in the midst of it” added Morelock.

Mike Gideon started Higher Power Garage as a way to help out those in need with low cost car repair.
Tabitha Morelock partners with him to run the shop, and the loss of the trailers feels personal.

“One of them, it’s so sad because we put so much into it, Mike especially put so much into it. I mean he laid a new flooring you know we painted it and then we actually installed a floor jack on it so that it would lift up and a wench and it was just so much love and blood put into it just for it to be stolen” said Morelock.

But Tabitha and a volunteer at the shop have been raising money to try and replace at least one of the trailers.

“We just need one right now we can make do with that and the fundraiser were asking for two thousand, two hundred, fifty dollars, to actually fund the trailer and then the wench that Mike had actually supplied before to go on it.”

The efforts are being put forth through a Facebook fundraiser and a volunteer going door to door,

“It’s just donations from here and there and so many people that I didn’t even know existed here. I don’t know, it’s just so beautiful because you can see from this one volunteer and a rough situation and the whole community coming together, just like we envisioned” added Morelock.

The fundraiser is about 600 dollars short of their goal. If you want to donate you can find the Facebook fundraiser linked here.