Higher Power Garage hosts free auto maintenance class for community

Non-profit teaches tricks to avoiding costly repairs

JOPLIN, Mo. – A non-profit focused on offering free or low cost car repair in Joplin spent the morning educating people on basic auto maintenance on Saturday, July 18.

Understanding that having a reliable means of transportation is an important part of moving forward in life, Mike Gideon, who opened Higher Power Garage just this year, bestowed some wisdom on his class.

Gideon focused on the importance of keeping a vehicle maintained, demonstrating things like how to check your oil and change a flat tire.

“One of the biggest things we have seen. Just people really not understanding why are when to do things to their car. And so we really want to kind recify that make their cars last a little bit longer,” said Gideon.

Gideon also says that a lot of pricey car problems can be avoided by doing basic maintenance on your vehicle.