High waters at Grand Lake are affecting local businesses

4th of July weekend is helping boost business
High waters at Grand Lake are affecting local businesses

What is usually a busy season for Honey Creek Outdoors has turned into one of its worst.

“The year started off fairly good until all the rain hit and it just has absolutely killed the business, everybody just quit coming to the lake” said Owner David Hale.

Hale says the outdoor sports store caters mostly to tournament bass fisherman and lake goers but with the high waters at Grand Lake, all scheduled tournaments were canceled. Lake goers were also not coming as much because they could not get to their own docks.

“Our revenue is generated from this lake, I mean we get some locals that come in that live around here, local fisherman and all that, we do have a lot of business from that but our big part of our business is whether they’re fisherman coming in to fish the tournaments that has all been canceled or the lake goers that come in to enjoy the lake.” added Hale.

Since people have not been coming to the lake as much because of the high water and debris, Honey Creek Outdoors is down around $70,000 to $80,000 in sales compared to last year.

“I mean we’re just a small store and that kind of loss is hard to overcome, but we’re making it and we’re going to get through it and it’s all going to be good” added Hale.

After two slow months, the lake levels are closer to normal and people are finally returning. Visitors for the 4th of July weekend are boosting business back to a steady pace.

Hale is hoping the holiday and new fishing tournaments that are scheduled for the fall, will help him recoup what was lost.

“They’re going to be big for our community and hopefully not just our store but all the stores in the community and hopefully it lets everyone rebound from what we had happen this spring.”

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