High school students face backlash after dressing as illegal aliens

When three students decided to dress up as illegal aliens on “Area 51 Day” during spirit week, one even covering his face with brown paint, they quickly gathered attention on social media.

“They buttoned the top of their pearl snaps to represent Mexican culture attire, but doing the brown face was just completely unacceptable,” said Kylea Palmer, a former student at Labette County High School.

Not everyone thinks what the boys did was wrong though. For many, it was a practical joke that got blown out of proportion.

“I mean, of course they didn’t think it through, or they would’ve thought about the consequences, but at the same time, there was no discrimination on the kids part,” said Jeffrey Davis who feels others overreacted.

While the school declined our request for an interview, in a statement, Superintendent John Wyrick, did say in part quote: “This incident was dealt with in a swift manner and the students involved were held responsible for their inappropriate actions…this isolated incident is not indicative of Labette County High School or any of our schools, environments that promote respect for all of our staff members and students.”

For Palmer though, the act was offensive and wrong.

“I think it’s kinda hard to reach an audience in small town southeast Kansas because it’s just the norm. People are just so used to brushing things off, calling things jokes and not having to worry about it…and I try to get that word out, get that image into their head, that it’s not okay.”

“Quit taking everything so literal and straight to heart, and quit the negativity,” expressed Davis.

Per school policy, the officials could not comment on the specifics of student punishments.

According to some sources, the teens involved in the incident have been receiving death threats, even after apologizing for their actions.


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