Henkle’s Ace Hardware opens second location

A Local Staple In The Hardware Business Is Celebrating A Big Accomplishment

JOPLIN, Mo. – Residents in Joplin have a new place to call their neighborhood hardware store.

“We’ll be local, convenient,” says John Henkle, owner of Henkle’s Ace Hardware.

Henkle’s Ace Hardware has been a staple in Webb City since opening in 2006. Now, they have a brand new location at 29th and McClelland in Joplin.

“This is something we wanted to do for a decade,” explains Henkle. “So it wasn’t a quick decision. It was just all of a sudden things presented itself and it was time to do it.”

So in October, 2020, they started construction. But, opening a store in the middle of a pandemic can be risky, especially as employers across the area and state struggle to find new employees. For the Henkle’s they needed to double their staff, so they started looking for candidates well before the building was built.

“I was talking to Chris at Gringos, they are having such a hard time hiring people that they’re cutting hours because they really don’t have the staff,” says Henkle. “So I think that we were really fortunate.”

One of those new employees is Spencer Shepherd, who used to be a gig worker for Doordash, Uber Eats and Spark.

“Money’s one thing but how it feels whenever you wake up and go in to work every day, stuff like that,” says Shepherd. “I do feel pretty lucky that I managed to score this because I’ve always enjoyed helping people so something like this felt like a natural fit.”

So now that the Henkle’s project that’s been a dream for a decade is complete, they’re ready to help more people finish projects of their own.

“So it’s not quite time to celebrate. It’s take a deep breath and enjoy the moment and keep working,” says Henkle.

The Henkles hope to have a grand opening celebration for the new location some time this summer.