Hearts and Hammer of Southwest Missouri reach 10 years

Volunteers with the organization Hearts and Hammer of Southwest Missouri met to make exterior repairs for Joplin residents.
With rain in the forecast all hands were on deck as volunteers began improvements to homes in Joplin.
“I’m overwhelmed I’m ecstatic I’m excited I’m very very thankful,” said Homeowner Kathy Shurtleff.
Hearts and Hammers now in its 10th year of assisting homeowners in need of repairs to their home combined efforts with the Joplin’s area Habitat for Humanity.
Volunteers meet at a Shurtleff’s home to build a new deck and add vinyl to exterior windows.
“My husband and I just got married in 1975 and we purchased this house and we did what we could with it, and we had three kids and he (husband) passed away in 1991,” said Shurtleff.
After the passing of her husband the family was on a fix income, and with one child and two babies two raise there was only so much money to spend on home repairs.
“There was only so much I could do,” said Shurtleff.
More than 150 people spent the morning cleaning brush and making repairs to 27 homes.
“I would do this every single day if I could it brings me so much joy to see the community come together and working together you really can’t explain,” said Volunteer Dee Howard.
“For a good while this morning we got a lot accomplished and whatever we don’t get done today we’ll come back later and finish,” said Joplin Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Scott Clayton.
As improvements continue, more recipients become donors.
“I’m excited not only to be a part by getting help by them but also I get an opportunity to serve and repay back too,” said Shurtleff.
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