Having a conversation about mental illness and suicidal thoughts

Lynette Downing of the Spring River Mental Health & Wellness center stops in to talk about how you can approach someone who may be having suicidal thoughts to simply start a dialogue.

The simplest medicine is spending time with someone. Asking someone to go for a walk or out to dinner can boost their mood and help them eat or sleep more. It will help keep them connected to people as well as helping them avoid the isolating and alienating thoughts of depression and suicide.

Spending time together is also an act of reaching out. This will let someone know that you care. You’re someone they can trust and have a conversation with whenever depressive or suicidal thoughts enter your head.

On September 24th, Spring River will be hosting a Community Awareness Event where they will show “Suicide: The Ripple Effect.” You can attend the screening at the Grace Community Church in Riverton at 6:00 P.M. at 6484 SE 70th street.