Halloween Blog: Cold, but fall will return!

Cold, but fall will return!
Halloween Blog:  Cold, but fall will return!

Happy Halloween! Wow, it is already Halloween. That is actually crazy that this year has flown so fast. And, we saw our first snow last night. We rarely get more than flurries in the month of October. In fact, going back 100 years it has only happened 4 times. Remember, we are in this pattern for the next 11 months, so when you get snow this early, we have more to come. I will do my winter forecast shortly before Thanksgiving. The bigger systems of the past two weeks will are return in December and it will be interesting to see what they can produce in the winter months. We haven’t had much of a fall. Most of September was hot near 90. Then we have had 4 nice fall weeks and slammed into winter. Here is the good news, fall will return. The next two weeks of the pattern are fairly boring and we will get great temperatures back in. However, once we get into the active stretch of the pattern that occurred in late September, we will get rolling again for the second half of November.

Take a look at the radar below.

You can see this system slowly working away from us. At least the sun returns for us today. However, it will be cool with breezy NW winds.

Halloween Blog:  Cold, but fall will return!

It will be a cold one for the kiddos tonight. We will be dropping back into the 30s, so bundle up.

Halloween Blog:  Cold, but fall will return!

Friday looks great, but a little cooler on Saturday. Back into the 50s on Sunday. Our next system will give us a chance for a few showers next Tuesday and Wednesday. Check out my long range forecast below.



Long range forecast through late November:


Next Week: Back in the 50s and 60s the first half of the week. We will have a weak wave on Tuesday and Wednesday with a few random showers. However, the rest of the week isn’t to bad. Another weak wave on Thursday with some showers. A little cooler on Friday and Saturday, but not a bad November week.

November 10th-16th: A mild start to the week with a weak wave Sunday with a chance for showers. Another wave on Tuesday and cooling down for the middle of the week. Back to mild the rest of the week with rain chance on Friday.

November 17th-23rd: Cool to cold the first half of the week. Rain and snow chances on Sunday and Monday. Mild temperatures return for the rest of the week with rain chances on Thursday and Friday.

November 24th-30th: A mild first half of the week. However, turning colder for Thanksgiving and the holiday weekend. Rain chances on Tuesday. Rain and snow chances on Wednesday. Rain chances right back in for Friday and Saturday.





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