Habitat for Humanity of Crawford County dedicates re-purposed home for new family

Girard family gets new four bedroom home
Habitat for Humanity of Crawford County dedicates re-purposed home for new family
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A house built by Habitat for Humanity of Crawford County is officially ready for a new family.

But, it wasn’t the first time this particular house has been dedicated by the group.

Blue for Dean.. and purple for Lexi.. special hand picked colors for their new bedrooms.

Amber Hardesty, new home owner:”Dean said, Mom, I’ve been a little bit nervous about this, but I’m excited now.”

A feeling their mom Amber Hardesty felt today, as their new four bedroom home in Girard, Kansas was dedicated by Habitat for Humanity of Crawford County.

Hardesty:”We live in a two bedroom right now, which is fine cause my kids are little, but it’s gonna be nice to have a little bit more room, and just a place that we can say is ours.”

Hardesty is a single mother, and has been a special education teacher at Girard High School since she moved back to her home town three years.

She decided to make her stay more permanent.. but couldn’t find any homes that were affordable on her income.

That’s when she decided.. with some reluctance.. to turn to Habitat for Humanity.

Hardesty:”Even when they called me and told us that we’d be chosen as a partner family, at first I thought, well somebody else could use that more than I could.. I nearly turned it down. Took a few days, thought it over, spent some time in prayer, and I just knew this is what God wanted for us right now.”

The house is unique for more than just the hand picked paint color though, because it was remodeled from a previous habitat family that wasn’t using it anymore.

Lance Davis, Habitat for Humanity of Crawford County:”We really don’t do that very often. We’ve done one other house that way, but most of the houses that we do are brand new builds. We replaced some of the appliances, they helped Amber choose some colors and painted all the rooms in the house. So it was pretty much cosmetic work.”

Hardesty now has the keys to her new home and looks forward to watching her kids grow up.. in their blue and purple bedrooms.. in Girard where she did.

Hardesty:”You know, Girard’s a great place to grow up and good schools and good people, good families in this area, so it’ll be great for them.”

Habitat for Humanity is currently working on two homes in the county— one in Arma, and another in Pittsburg.

The group expects to have construction finished by the end of the year.

This is the 19th family that Habitat for Humanity of Crawford County has gotten into a new home.