G&W Foods partners with Rotary Club for 5 Minute Grocery Grab

IOLA, Ks – G & W Foods in Iola Kansas is partnering with Iola’s Rotary Club for a fundraiser.

People who purchased one of Iola’s Rotary Club 5-minute grocery grab tickets received a coupon and were then entered in a drawing.

The grand winner will receive 5 minutes to grab anything in the store at no extra cost.

The purpose of this fun grocery grab is to raise money for Iola’s Rotary club, an organization that helps numerous causes throughout the community.

However not everything in the store is up for grabs, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, batteries, and alcohol are off-limits.

One minute is limited in the meat department and only two like items for the meat as well.

This is the fifth year G & W Foods hosted this fundraiser and said most people who win donate their winnings to charities in the community.

The 5-minute grocery grab is Saturday, November 5th.