Gun Supporters rally in Joplin

South west Missouri gun owners and second amendment supports rally at a Joplin park.

Missouri state representatives and other speakers addressed the crowd encouraging them to let their voices be heard.

Gun rights supporters come out to fight for their right to bear arms, including assault style weapons.

“I’m entitled to my AR-15 by the 2nd amendment, the founders intended us to have military capabilities, among the people sufficient to protect our rights” says organizer Dr. John “Doc” Broom.

“I referred to Rosa Parks, stating Rosa parks didn’t need a seat in the front of the bus but it’s her right to have that just like it’s a right to every person to have the right to bear a hand gun or rifle” says supporter Steve Hays.

At Landreth park organizers invited gun owners and supporters of the second amendment to come and bring signs expressing their concerns about recent federal efforts to restrict access to certain types of weapons.

Recent instances of shootings by mentally disturbed individuals have resulted in increasing political pressure to restrict access.

“A lot of these people go out with a bang and that’s their intention they want to be recognize and they want to have their name out there” says supporter Cindy Flanders.

“I certainly think a person’s mental status need to be taking a look at I think there needs to be a expert opinion and writing to what qualifies someone excluded from owning a weapon” says Hays.

Some Missourians oppose firearm legislation that they say further infringe on the right of people to keep and bear arms. Organizer’s say this will be a start to get their neighbors involved.

“One to mobilize support in the area, opposition of our 2nd amendment rights and to communicate, to begin to develop and an group of people organization to assert those rights and to educate the public” says Broom.

Organizers collected donations for future rallies and look to create a web site to spread their message.