Grove Fire Dept. Prepares for Flooding with Free Sandbag Drive-Thru

Grove Fire Dept. Prepares for Flooding with Free Sandbag Drive-Thru

Residents around Grand Lake brace for flooding.

“Our walkway is completely underwater. In order to get to the boat dock I have to row…take a rowboat out there…you know it’s just scary knowing that it’s coming closer to your house,” says Grove vacationer Kama Krenke.

With water just steps away from her neighbor’s house and her boat dock already submerged Krenke is worried the water will soon inch its way into her basement.

“It was kind of a bummer because it’s been raining raining raining. But I always say it’s better to be here with bad weather than it is to be back at home working.”

Meanwhile at the Civic Center Fire Department officials and volunteers help area residents load up their vehicles with sandbags, thousands of them.

“They have to be filled, then they have to be tied around the tops and piled up into people’s vehicles,

It’s just it’s very important, I mean and for the people we just wanted to make sure that we had something that if they wanted to stay back and try to keep the water out of their house they could do so,” says Grove Deputy Fire Chief Rocky Desilva.

But without a truck to pick up the sandbags, Krenke was at a loss until a few nice kids stepped in to bring them to her.

“I just wanted to help out the community…trying to think of ways to do it,” says 18-year-old Harley Apperson.

Krenke says it’s been almost a decade since she’s seen water levels here at honey creek get this high, this fast. The only thing protecting her home from the water slowly creeping up this embankment is a few sandbags.

“I haven’t thought past the sandbags. So guess I need to have a plan B in place, but I don’t have one yet,” she says.

If water does creep any further, the Fire Department recommends

“They shut their power off and get out of their house. I mean, you just don’t need to stay there if it’s going to be in your house,” says Desilva.

Yesterday the Grove Fire Department filled about 5,000 sandbags and gave away about 3,300. Today they filled 3,000 more. The giveaway will continue this weekend if necessary.