GRDA offers water safety tips for summer

LANGLEY, Okla.–Summertime means more people out on the water, but if you’re heading there anytime soon the grand river dam authority has some tips to enjoy the water safely. The 4th of July is almost upon us, and this water is soon to be filled with boaters and people looking to cool down, but if you are looking to do that this holiday, there are some safety tips to keep in mind.

“4th of July is our busiest time on the water. That is our busy weekend,” said Justin Alberty, Corporate Spokesperson for the GRDA. “We always see a lot more people come out that maybe haven’t had a chance to come out earlier in the summer or maybe won’t come out again. but certainly, yes, 4th of July is is really the peak boating season on Grand Lake.”

Since Memorial Day weekend, the Grand River Dam Authority police have recovered one body from Grand Lake and one from Flint Creek. It’s why Alberty stresses boating safety as we head into summer.

“There are three things that we always stress. Boat smart, boats safe, and boat sober.”

Boat smart means knowing about the vessel you’re going to be operating. Boat sober–don’t drink and drive a boat. But the biggest one is boat safe, wear a life jacket. 

“We stress that to everybody. Wear your life jacket. Of course, Oklahoma law requires kids of a certain age to have a life jacket on, and it also requires life jackets to be in the boat for everybody. But we like to see everybody have that jacket on.”

With extra boaters on the water, the GRDA is also reminding everyone to take their time and to be careful.

“The lake’s big enough for everybody, you know, we expect a large crowd, but it’s big enough to accommodate everybody. If you’ll just take your time and just enjoy yourself. So always watch out for the other guy, watch your speed and, you know, make sure you’re obeying the no-wake signs in those areas under bridges and things like that.”

If you do encounter an emergency on the water call 9-1-1 or marine band channel sixteen on your radio.