Grandmother found living in unsanitary conditions in Joplin senior care facility

Granddaughter says clogged toilet overflows at Spring River
Spring River Christian Village sign in Joplin


JOPLIN, Mo. – Tasha Hedgecorth says her grandmother has Alzheimer’s and lives at Spring River Christian Village in the memory care unit.

On Christmas day, Hedgecorth says when she went to visit her, she found her grandmother’s toilet was clogged and overflowing, and that blankets had been used to clean it up.

Hedgecorth also says the facility had put an ‘out of order’ sign on the bathroom door, but the bathroom was still being used by her grandmother and her roommate.

She says when she talked to the staff, she was told they hadn’t been able to get anyone to work on it for a few days.

KOAM spoke with Stacy Smith, the Administrator at Spring River, who says the toilet became clogged on Christmas morning, and that it was fixed the same day.

Smith says they tried to plunge the toilet several times, but it didn’t work, so it started overflowing.

They used ‘old blanket type things’ that are used in a situation like this to contain the overflow.

Smith says they made other facilities available to the residents and locked the door to the bathroom, and that once the toilet was fixed they followed infection protocol for safety.

Hedgecorth says she went to the facility again on Thursday and confirms the toilet was fixed and the bathroom is clean.

Spring River sent us a statement, which can be found below:

Spring-River-Christian-Village Statement