Granby Teacher Wins Grant

Granby Teacher Wins Grant

Anne Hansen has been a teacher for 13 years working in a low income area, so she’s gotten familiar with applying for grants to pay for classroom supplies.

“The tables in this classroom I got through grants, the carpet came from a grant. All of the ipads that I have, several laptops have all come through grants,” she states.

She explains equipping a classroom fully is a struggle.

“I know that some years I’ve only been given $150-200 to spend on classroom needs and supplies and that’s maybe a little paper,” said Hansen.

The Orkin “Start with Science Innovation Challenge,” is competitive grant worth up to $10,000, but there were some special requirements.

“The grant needed to include the study of insects and STEM which is science, technology, engineering and math. So I came up with the idea to have the children observe insects and look for features in insects that could be used to make better robots. Like can you make a robot that jumps like a grasshopper? Can you make a robot that with six legs, would it it be more stable than a robot with two legs,” explained Hansen.

Her idea made her a semi-finalist out of 1,588 other projects, giving her five grand. She was elated.

“I- took me a long time to come down. I was just so excited. I still am. I get excited every time I think about it,” said Hansen.

And kids like Izzauh Wolfe, who wants to become an aerospace engineer, are pretty excited too.

“It’s pretty cool because I can learn more now and be able to do it in the future,” said Wolfe.

And Maggie Marion, who says that Mrs. Hansen makes learning fun, means a lot to her.

“Feels like she cares a lot about all of us,” said Marion.

For Hansen, it’s just doing her job.

“That’s what teaching is about. You want to give these children every opportunity they can have,” she said.

The Orkin contest continues. The ultimate innovative winner will win an additional $5,000. You can vote for Hansen’s “Bugs, Biomimicry and Robots” project here.