Granby Grows: Historic mining town gets economic boost

The Foundry building in Granby, MO
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GRANBY, Mo. – Granby was founded in 1850, and, back in the day, it was a booming mining town.

“This was the place to be. Thousands of people lived here and just like a lot of towns in our region, once mining was gone and done with, people moved away and moved to other places,” explained Sarah James, a board member of “Grow Granby.”

As a result, businesses closed down and shops that were once bustling with life closed their doors.

“My great grandparents actually used to have businesses here on the corner that are now gone,” said Wendy Elder, one Granby resident.

Current Efforts to Grow Granby

Main Street is littered with vacant buildings that have seen better days. “Grow Granby” calls those places opportunities. This is where “The Foundry” comes in: a thrift shop that offers a boutique experience for shoppers, and a revenue stream for future projects.

“This building is actually owned by the city and we went before the city council and asked them, ‘Can we rent the Foundry for the next 10 years? This is our vision; a thrift store that is completely non-profit and everything that comes through it will go back into Granby,’ and they were totally on board,” said James.

The council was so on board, the city decided to lease the building for just a dollar each year for the next decade. All items are high quality, 100% donated, and under $15.

The Foundry building itself needed some T-L-C, so volunteers worked all through the summer months to make this old building shine again.

“There was no heating and air, the floors needed to be stabilized, or leveled out, paint, so we did put a little over $10,000 into it to bring it back to life,” James explained.

With this group paving the way for future economic development, many Granby residents feel this place is well on its way to becoming the booming town it once was.

“It’s very exciting to see the surge of people that have come on in the last several years to make Granby a place that people not only want to visit, but to settle down in,” said Elder.

Looking Forward

Immediate profits from The Foundry will go towards restoring the historic hardware store in town. The group also plans on painting some murals and starting up a pop-up market in the near future.

Student groups and other organizations will be able to volunteer on a monthly basis for The Foundry to earn 10% of the profits to support their own projects.

The Foundry will host a soft opening on January 1, 2022. The grand opening weekend is January 14th-15th.