Grace doe identified but McDonald County investigators far from done

Grace Doe Identified As Shawna Garber In Mcdonald County


MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. – Thanks advanced DNA testing and a lot of police work, investigators have identified the body of a murder and rape victim who was found in rural McDonald County back in December of 1990.

Investigators had been referring to her as “grace” because they thought only through the grace of God would they figure out who she was.

But that day has come and investigators know the woman’s name is Shawna Garber.

The DNA also found Shawna’s half sister Danielle who aided law enforcement in their investigation. Danielle had been looking for her half sister for 28 years and was taken aback by the discovery.

“”It’s overwhelming (for her). I’m assuming there’s some type of relief. She found her, and unfortunately not a good result,”  said Lt. Michael Hall with the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office.

Lt. Hall says the team at the McDonald county sheriff’s office is relieved to have part of the puzzle solved, but says their work on this murder investigation is far from over.

“(We’re) trying to backtrack on who Shawna was. Foster parents, we’re trying to get information on who she lived with in Kansas. What school she went to,” said Lt. Hall.

Lt. Hall also says investigators are excited to move the investigation into its next phase and don’t plan on slowing down.