Gorilla Promise Award with PSU could sway local high school seniors college decisions

Every Crawford County high school senior of May 2020, that attends PSU, will receive scholarship
gorilla promise

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Kan. – Miranda Hartman has thought about college since she was a freshman at Southeast High School in Crawford County, Kansas.

“I know I want to go attend a college, but community college is a lot cheaper than university so you have to pick which one will be better to go to.”

Wherever she does choose to attend, she will be paying for most of her college tuition herself.

“Most of it is us working and paying for college on our own because they want us to be independent.”

Without wanting to rely on student loans, she says scholarships would help her tremendously.

“I look at how much it costs and how much I’m going to need and what scholarships that they offer to me.”

She has been admitted to three universities so far, Kansas State, Pitt State and MSSU. A new scholarship opportunity through Pittsburg State University may sway her college decision.

“I would for sure pick Pitt State if I could get a $1000 scholarship to go there. I’d rather go to a school that I could pay for easily and everyone knows Pitt State, they like Pitt State, so if that’s a good option then I would want to go there too.”

The Gorilla Promise Award is a newly created scholarship specifically for Crawford County High School graduates of May 2020, who are admitted into Pitt State.

“Really there’s no ACT or GPA requirement, if you graduate in May 20, from a Crawford County high school, you will receive this $1000 per year” said PSU Director of Admissions, Scott Donaldson.

There are many reasons for the creation of this award. It was created to increase enrollment, keep students local, make college an option , and enhance the relationship with the Crawford County community.

“The university is important to the city and the city is important to the university, and this is one way as we sat around the table to decide how to spend our scholarship dollars that we said we could say thank you to those that reside in Crawford County” added Donaldson.

For Hartman, it’s an opportunity that’s exciting and would allow her to focus more on school and her future.

“Just be a lot easier to go and not stress about money the whole time.”

The scholarship is currently a one-year award, but Pitt State officials are hoping to make it a continual opportunity.