Google won’t sell its Pixel 4 smartphone in India

Google won’t sell its Pixel 4 smartphone in India
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Google doubled down on its hardware ambitions by unveiling a new laptop, wireless headphones and products to power the smart home.

Google will not be bringing its new Pixel 4 to the world’s second-largest smartphone market.

The smartphone was unveiled in New York on Tuesday and officially goes on sale on October 24, but it won’t be available in India.

“We decided not to make Pixel 4 available in India,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement to CNN Business.

That’s reportedly because one of the Pixel 4’s key components, a Soli radar chip that enables facial recognition and gesture controls, operates on a frequency that India doesn’t allow companies to use. Google was unable to obtain a license from Indian authorities to use the 60 Gigahertz frequency, according to several media reports.

India’s Department of Telecommunications did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Google said the company’s devices are made available in countries “based on a variety of factors, including local trends and product features,” but it declined to comment on why the Pixel 4 was not being launched in India.

“We remain committed to our current Pixel phones and look forward to bringing future Pixel devices to India,” the company spokesperson said.

India is not the only country where Motion Sense — the feature that allows users to control the Pixel 4 through hand gestures — has hit roadblocks. The feature is also