Goodman revamps city police department

All seven officers at the department were hired in the last two months.

GOODMAN, Mo. – The small town of Goodman, with a population under 1300, has seen a lot of big changes in the first half of 2020. They have an all-new city administration — and now, an all-new police department.

“Personally, I had always wanted a full-time police department with part-timers,” says Goodman Mayor J.R. Fisher.

The city has completely transformed their PD, which started last month when they hired new Police Chief Adam Miller.

“We’re here to make sure that crime doesn’t get outta hand, and that’s a big focus of ours. But, I also do wanna involved the community,” says Miller.

Miller has worked in Goodman before, around four years ago under former Police Chief Curt Drake. At the time, he and Drake were the only officers at the department. Now, there’s Miller, full-time officer Carter Graue and five part-time officers.

“That’s is the best Goodman’s been sitting police wise for our police department in many years,” says Fisher. “We had some part-time officers here, and then there was a time when we were going through turnover, new administration, all this stuff. We had a big turnover. And the coverage was thin. And we’re coming out of that with a passion now.”

“I’m very motivated to turn this department into the potential that it has,” says Miller. “Every day we’re gonna work to get there. But we’re on a good path.”

“Instead of having county coverage or having just reserves or part-time officers, we’re here every day. We can get to know the people in the community,” says Carter Graue. “It’s very exciting cause I know that the community deserves a good police department.”

Mayor J.R. Fisher says they plan to increase the department’s funding as well. Because even though it’s a small town, having a good police department is crucial.

“I mean, that’s why we have a police department. Is for our protection. And we’re on the right track with these guys here to make sure that that’s happening. It’s been needed for a long time,” says Fisher.

The department is currently getting computers in their patrol cars so that they don’t have to write tickets by hand.

Former Police Chief Curt Drake resigned at the end of October. He now works for the Neosho Police Department.