Good times at Gorillafest

Homecoming Bbq At Psu

PITTSBURG, Ks. – The Pitt State homecoming festivities culminated with Gorillafest Saturday morning, and it featured tons of students and alumni having a blast before the big game.

Plenty of PSU-faithful were ready to party as they packed Gorilla Village.

There was no shortage of folks grilling and barbequing, live music, fun and games for both kids and adults, and plenty of people partaking in a morning beer. Attendees also got to enjoy a pre-game pep rally before kickoff.

One PSU alumnus told KOAM why homecoming is one of his favorite events of the fall.

“I think (I love) just seeing all my buddies that I went to college with and everybody that I enjoyed my time with. I was here for 6 years. I got a Master’s degree and met a lot of people over the years. Seeing everybody back and supporting the Gorillas man, it’s a time to be alive,” said alumnus Garek Peters.

PSU went on to win it’s homecoming matchup against Lincoln.