Good Dads program brings families together

JOPLIN, Mo. – A program aimed at helping non-custodial fathers establish a relationship with their child is celebrating a batch of graduates, both new and old.

The program is called Good Dads and that’s just what these guys learn to be through 15 weeks of classes focused on being active fathers.

On Monday, June 20, graduates got together to have some fun with their kids which is something many of them weren’t able to do before discovering this program.

“As far as progress goes with some of these dads, it’s exciting because every week they come in and you hear things like, ‘Hey, I’ve gotten to visit with my kids,’ or ‘Hey, I made my first child support payment,’ or ‘I’m getting custody of my kids back,'” explained Michael Weist, a facilitator for Good Dads.

The program began in 2020 under the Alliance of SWMO. 61 dads have been helped so far.

“Any father out there that is struggling with relationships with their kids, you’re going to learn lots of tools and techniques through this program which has helped me a lot, especially to communicate with my teenager,” expressed Chris Colon, one graduate of the program.

Good Dads Enrollment

The next Good Dads class will begin on July 11. It’s free to sign up. You can register here or call 417-782-9899.

Classes take place at 6 p.m. on Monday nights at the Recovery Outreach Community Center (ROCC).

This program is open to all dads of any age. This also includes step dads, foster fathers and grandpas.


Kate Kelley is also employed by the Alliance of SWMO.