Golden Apple Awards recognizes outstanding Joplin teachers

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Monday night honored Joplin educators with the Golden Apple Awards Program.

More than 80 educators were nominated by students, parents, and co-workers based on their exceptional quality of teaching. The winners are Stephanie Reither of Cecil Floyd Elementary, Cheryl Sieber of North Middle School, Syeda Greenlee of Joplin High School and Kathy Nicodemus of Irving Elementary.

“I owe my mom a debt of gratitude,” said Nicodemus. “She taught for thirty years and I was never going to become a teacher. So I’ve become my mother and I’m a teacher and I love every minute. So I do have to apologize to my mom and say yes, it’s everything you said it would be.”

The Golden Apple Awards are in its 36th year.