“Glamping” gaining popularity in four-states

JANE,Mo.–Glamping, or glamourous camping is gaining popularity, especially in the four state area.

Instead of traditional tents with sleeping bags, glampers are treated to tents with beds, coffee machines, and even decorations like a chandelier.

This mother’s day, the Wilson family from Joplin ventured down to Little Sugar Farmhouse in Jane, Missouri to see what glamping is all about. 

“Had a comfortable bed, just like that storm came through last night, those tents held up wonderful, if we were in a regular tent we would’ve blown away, we would’ve been Toto all the way in Tulsa,” said Tabitha Wilson.

She added that it’s fancier than normal camping experiences.

“It’s classier, you’re not sleeping on the floor…it has the outlets, the fancy beds, the pillows, the chairs,” Wilson said.

She also said that it allows people that aren’t as into the outdoors a chance to experience them.

“People that wouldn’t go outside because of the bugs, they’ll go outside now…some people don’t even know how to set up a tent, well you don’t need to know how, you can come here.”