Girard’s Senecaut catches fire to close regular season

Emmaline Senecaut has 7 home runs in the last 9 games for the Trojans.

GIRARD, Kan. – Girard junior outfielder Emmaline Senecaut has seen a power surge at the plate over the last few weeks.

“It feels good getting hot the the right time,” Senecaut says, “Coach Vinze always says be happy, but never be satisfied. We’re always trying to get better every day.”

Senecaut hit a home run in each of the team’s final four games of the regular season, and she has seven home runs over the team’s last nine games.

“She’s finally trusting her swing. She’s not over-swinging and she’s staying within herself,” says Girard head coach Jim Vinze, “When she gets a little too aggressive and tries to crush the ball, she kind of pulls out a little bit. If she stays within herself, she doesn’t have to generate any extra power because she’s so strong and has such a smooth swing that it takes care of itself.”

“I just feel like I’m seeing the ball pretty well,” Senecaut adds, “We practice hitting every single day. We’ve just been hitting the ball really well as a team right now.”

“She bats in the 3rd spot because she not only hits for power, but she hits for a high average,” Vinze adds, “I think she has the second best average on the team.”

Senecaut is protected in the lineup with catcher Lea McGown batting behind her.

McGown is second on the team in home runs (4) and RBI (22) this season.

“Lea also has power,” Vinze says, “If they try to get too cautious with Emmaline, we have Lea, who will hopefully come in and take up the slack if they try to pitch around her.”

“When I get on base, I know there’s someone behind me to bring me in,” Senecaut says.

“Having her up there gets pitchers nervous,” McGown says of Senecaut, “She’s hitting it well and making all of us better. When she goes out and hits a home run, she gets pitchers down and it gives me a little break when she gets them shaken up.”

Senecaut, McGown and the Trojans are the #3 seed in their 3A regional bracket. They will face Cherrvyale in the first round of the tournament on Monday at approximately 1:45 PM.

Their bracket includes CNC champion Columbus, who is the #1 seed in the region – and another CNC rival in Frontenac that is the #2 seed with a 17-3 overall record.

“This league in the past and in the present is very competitive,” Vinze says, “We have three teams in this regional that I look at…and if one of them go to state, they have a chance to do a ton of damage up there and maybe bring home a state title.”

“It’s going to be a tough regional,” Senecaut says, “It will be fun, and I’m hoping we come out hot.”