Girard’s “Eastside Cafe” brings back old favorite to help community

The Cafe is making "Nellie Bread" using an old recipe from founder Nellie Wutke
Picture For Jacob

Andrew Faucett is the owner of “Eastside Cafe” in Girard.

He’s helping his community through COVID-19 with bread, and a little nostalgia.

Faucett is bringing back a recipe from Nellie Wutke, who started the Eastside Cafe in the 1970’s.

“She’s the reason that Eastside is really where it is today,” Faucett says, “She’s the reason Eastside is a household name.”

That recipe is for bread baked in a coffee can, which they’re selling for just $.99 per loaf.

Faucett turned to Nellie’s son Dave to help him get the recipe just right, and get permission to use it. He was happy to help.

“It’s really neat just to see the coffee can bread. Because for me, that was unique,” Wutke says, “It was a family operation, and so just to to re-connect with that was very neat.”

“After a few months we were finally able to get it down exactly to how she used to make it,” Faucett adds.

Nellie passed away at the age of 90 in may of 2017, after serving the Girard community for decades.

Even though she’s gone, she’s still helping that same community in a time it needs it the most.

“It’s a feel-good bread,” Faucett says, “It makes people realize that during these hard times there are things that can bring us out of it. Even though this is something very small, hopefully it’s enough to impact people in a positive way to say OK, we can take this bad time and we can make it better.”

“We have a really strong community here in Girard. We just take care of ourselves,” Wutke says, “We want to help out as much as we can. I really like that about Girard.”

The cafe is still providing curbside service. They’re located at 120 S.Ozark in Girard. You can call them (620)-724-4232.