Girard students sell masks to raise funds for student organizations

School district still working on plans for next school year

GIRARD, Kan. – Beth Wilson has been a teacher in Girard for three years. Shorter than some, but long enough to get to know her students pretty well.

“It’s small enough that every teacher can know every name,” says high school teacher Beth Wilson.

That’s part of why she spent a big part of her day sitting in her garage, serving as the pickup location for a mask fundraiser.

“We put it out there and immediately we shot up a little over 200, and that order reached 300,” says Wilson.

So far, they’ve sold more than 450 custom “Girard Trojans” face masks, with all of the money going to the Girard Dance Team and FBLA. Wilson is a coach for both.

“The masks were becoming a must. Everyone in the community loves to show their Trojan spirit, so it was just a perfect fit,” says Wilson.

Students having the masks now is a good thing, but when school starts it could be even better because they will be required to wear them. Thanks to a mandate from the state governor.

“If the mandate is to wear a mask, and that’s what we need to do to keep kids safe and allow them to be in school, we’ll do that,” says Girard Superintendent Blaise Bauer.

Bauer says they plan to provide students with masks during the upcoming school year if the governor’s current mandate doesn’t change. Aside from that though, plans aren’t set in stone for getting back to school because things keep changing at the state level.

“We’re working very diligently with our Crawford County Health Directors and all the other Crawford County schools as well,” says Bauer. “We want to kind of have a back to school plan that’s consistent and kind of models each other in the county.”

Wilson says even if students don’t wear the masks that are being sold, she hopes having them will help students get used to wearing them.

“We’ve had our dance camp days that, we had a choreographer come in and all of the girls had their masks on for practice. And it does make it a little hotter, but they can handle it and we can persevere together,” says Wilson.