Girard residents express concern over flooding, drainage issues

Residents at a housing complex in Girard, Kansas express concern over drainage issues in their neighborhood.

When it rains in Girard, it pours…and floods…especially at the Girard Housing Authority (GHA).

“It goes clear up to that building, you can see where the wet foundation is,” pointed out Patricia Anderson.

For the past two years, Anderson has called the GHA home, but she says drainage issues are a problem older residents have been fighting for much longer.

“It’s damaging cars when the water gets in the cars, and a lot of these people on fixed income, they can’t afford to buy another car and the safety of the children and the adults need to be looked at here,” said Anderson.

When residents know that it’s going to rain, they try to quickly park in a church parking lot across the street, but getting there can be a bit difficult for the elderly and disabled.

“When it comes and they don’t know in time, then they have to hurry up and go over there and then wade the water back. I waded the water to get to my car to pick some of them up and it was up to almost my knees,” said Anderson.

After several questions regarding the drainage problems in the area, the Girard City Administrator, Johanna Winter declined an on-camera interview and had only to say: “The Girard area experienced flash flooding and received between 6 and 7 inches of rain over the weekend.”

Anderson wants more from city officials and says this is a dangerous situation that needs to be fixed.

“I want to see it drain. I want it to drain properly, so that it’s safe.”

Anderson says the flooding also backs up toilets, and takes a toll on the roadway, leaving large ruts.
KOAM also reached out to city council members, including the mayor, but did not receive a reply.

Questions left unanswered by the City of Girard:

Residents say that they’ve complained to the city for years about the drainage problems in the area. Has the city made note of these complaints? Is the city aware of a drainage problem/flooding issues?
Some residents say evacuations have had to be performed in the area in the past. Is this true?
What is the city doing to address the problem? Are there any plans or funds being allocated to fix these issues?
Residents say this is sewer water. Is this accurate? What are the health concerns?
Residents also say that when it floods, toilets are backed up. Is this also an issue for the school nearby?


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