Girard Medical Center to open clinic in Uniontown

Clinic to be located next to high school

UNIONTOWN, Kan. – The future of healthcare in Southeast, Kansas has been anything but certain over the last couple of years.

“The closing of Mercy hospital [in Fort Scott] was a big issue,” says Mark Warren, a Uniontown resident and president of the Uniontown Ruritan Club.

Warren says when the hospital in Fort Scott closed, it was a scary thing for Uniontown residents who already had limited options for healthcare.

“We didn’t have the numbers of healthcare facilities at that time, and now we’re loosing a hospital on top of that,” says Warren.

The gap in Fort Scott is being filled by the Community Health Clinic of Southeast Kansas and Via Christi now, but Warren, and the rest of the Ruritan Club wanted to find a more convenient solution for people who have a hard time traveling.

So they are working with Girard Medical Center to open a clinic in Uniontown.

“It’s a great answer to a lot of prayers I think,” says Warren.

The clinic will be much like any other community clinic, with a single health care provider, and will be open only a few days of the week.

The small clinic will use the school district’s old board of education building that’s right next door to the high school.

Something the superintendent things could be nice for parents.

“To have the ability to get a clinic here in Uniontown, that’s a huge benefit,” says USD 235 Superintendent Bret Howard. “I would hope that, you know, parents could sign some waivers and their kids could be seen by either a physician assistant or doctors without them even having to take off work.”

A lot of the finer details, like how much renovations will cost and when it will open, are still being worked on.

But quite a few people are already excited to see the impact that it has.

“I think it will help make Uniontown a more viable place to live, raise a family. Maybe, you know, maybe it could be the start to other things coming upon our town too,” says Warren.

The Uniontown Ruritans Club is raising money to help the Girard Medical Center pay for renovations.

After renovations are complete, it will have to be registered as a “rural health clinic.”