There could be some major improvements on the way for downtown Girard. City officials and residents discussed various options on Thursday evening at the final “streetscape meeting,” a gathering for an ongoing project to beautify the downtown square.

The project process began in the late summer of 2013. City officials joined with employees of the firm Professional Engineering Consultants to propose and review various ways to improve the city’s look.

Over the past several months, open meetings were held to discuss items to include in the streetscape plan. All comments and ideas have been welcome from the public.

“Tonight the purpose is we’ve taken those comments and developed a specific plan,” said Bruce Remsberg of Professional Engineering Consultants.

This final meeting falls more than a month before the February 14th deadline to submit the proposal to the Kansas Department of Transpiration for state grant consideration.

The possibilities for the project range from sustainable and economic options, such as energy-saving led lights, to more aesthetic and fun choices.

Park benches, bicycle racks, some things like that to address the area.

In tandem with creating a more beautiful setting for people to enjoy, local residents feel it will have a positive effect on town economics.

“I’m really excited to see it,” said local resident Julie Delange of Prairie Flowers. “I think it will enhance the business of the square.”

Girard business owner and lifelong resident Jason Diskin says he believes positive results will be seen from potential outsiders moving in.

“If you get the square dressed up, I think it it would be more apt to have some people who maybe want to have a business to have people come in and say hey this is a nice town, we could do alright here,” said Diskin.