Girard family throws daughter “senior prom” at home

Girard senior Kacey Pitts had her "senior prom" at home last Saturday.

GIRARD, Kan. – Kacey Pitts is a senior at Girard High School. Because of COVID-19, she’s missing out on a lot this spring, but her famaily wanted to make sure she did not miss out on one of the biggest events of a high schooler’s senior year.

Kacey’s family set up a “fake prom” at their house last Saturday night, to try to give their daughter the prom experience.

“I did know it was coming,” Kacey says, “My mom is very goofy. She does things like this often.”

“She’s gone all four years and I just hated the fact that…the coronavirus kind of ruined the whole party for her,” Kacey’s mom Kim says, “I just couldn’t let that go. So we just tried to plan the best evening that we could here at he house and let her have as much fun as we could.” 

“It was really nice to share something that I wouldn’t have typically done with my family,” Kacey adds, “It was also nice because I really love my family and we do everything together. It was cool to share something like that with them.” 

The evening consisted of dinner, dancing, and after-prom games and prizes.

It wasn’t exactly how Kacey envisioned her prom, but she says it was perfect.”

“My mom’s prom theme was very fitting (A Night to Remember), because this is something I’ll never forget,” Kacey says of the celebration, “As cheesy and dorky as it was, I think it was honestly probably better than what I would have gotten if we would have carried on without COVID-19 “