Gillibrand sees Trump as ‘a toddler who is melting down’

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand told voters in New Hampshire that she views President Donald Trump as “a toddler who is melting down and making bad decisions.”

“I see him differently,” Gillibrand said of the President on Saturday. “I see him as I would see a toddler who is melting down and making bad decisions. And you don’t punch a toddler in the face. You don’t say, ‘Oh, you’re just a little jerk.’ No, that doesn’t work. No, you actually just talk around them and say, ‘Oh honey, but it’s nap time. Let’s go get your favorite stuffed animal.'”

Gillibrand continued by addressing how she planned to campaign directly against the President in 2020.

“I would talk around him with a bolder and bigger vision for this country than he has today because unfortunately he lied to the American people,” she said.

Gillibrand added that she felt the problems in the country aren’t really about Trump.

“I think he is a symptom of a much larger problem,” she said. “I think the real problem that’s happening in this country is that greed and corruption decide everything in Washington.”

Gillibrand told New Hampshire voters what she believes Trump ran on in 2016 to woo voters, saying that he let down Americans with unfulfilled promises of “no bad trade deals,” “the system is rigged” and “build a wall,” and that his presidency has spread hate, division and fear.

In contrast to the President, Gillibrand says that she can use “common sense answers” to deal with the country’s problems.

“I will beat him by having a bigger vision for America,” she said.