Georgia Biker Helps Joplin Kids

Georgia Biker Helps Joplin Kids
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The Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit which funds children’s hospitals and healthcare, hosts Bikers on the Boulevard Sunday.

The event featured the Miracle Riders of Columbus, GA, who ride across the US raising money for CMN.

It’s a group who’s existence can be credited to one guy’s aversion to surprise parties.

“[Miracle Riders] started because I was running away from my 50th birthday party,” said Scott Ressmeyer. Who rode across the country from his home Georgia, along the way deciding to collect money for CMN. “I did it the first year as a solo trip. I did it by myself. I had an incredible time. When I got home I had guys wanting to join me and do it the following year. And now, here we are, in our 7th year.”

The 7th year of the “Ride for Miracles”.

Now joined on his trip going town-to-town, state-to-state, holding events and raising money for CMN, Ressmeyer and the Riders raised their goal of $1 million.

“They have the biggest hearts you’ll ever see,” Heather Lesmeister of CMN said. “They look like a big group of just unruly guys when they come in. But they have some of the biggest hearts that you’ll ever see around.”

It’s a level of care fellow riders say come from their “front bike”, Scott.

“Scott’s got a big heart. And once you shake his hand, look him in the eye, and you see how much he really cares,” Miracle Rider Brian Brock said. “And how much he interacts with the patients and the staff, you understand him. Then we’re all that way.”

“My very first visit into a high-risk NICU, and you go in there and you see a baby that weighs one pound, one ounce, and their struggle every day for just surviving,” Ressmeyer said. “When you go in there it will make your heart just bleed. To just see that little child in there fighting for it’s life. Really, all of us do this to make a difference in just one child’s life. And if we can pull into joplin to make a difference in one child’s life and bring a smile on their face that day, then we feel like we’re successful in Joplin.”

You can follow the Miracle Ride here. There you can also make a donation.