Gas tax going up in Missouri

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MISSOURI – The price of Show-Me State gas goes up by 2.5 cents on Friday and Missouri’s governor says it’s needed to keep the state competitive.

“(There’s) two important parts to that: one, it’s going to keep our state moving forward when it comes to the economy and infrastructure. The second portion to that is, the people who don’t want to pay it don’t have to pay it. They can get a refund back,” said Governor Parson.

The governor is referring to the fact that many Missouri drivers can apply for a gas tax refund, but not without doing some paperwork for the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Missouri’s first fuel tax raise since 1992 will put the state’s gas tax at 19.5 cents per gallon, but it won’t stop there. The tax will go up once a year until 2025, ultimately giving Missourians a gas tax of 29.5 cents per gallon.

Mike Brown, a Joplin trucking industry veteran, says he’s seen various gas tax increases throughout his career and thinks 4-Staters will be paying this tax in more ways than one.

“As the cost of transporting goods goes up, that’s going to be passed right along to everybody that shops, whether it’s diapers or broccoli or whatever it might be,” said Mike.

And while Mike thinks a new tax is the wrong way for the state to raise revenue, he does support where the money’s going which is road and bridge repair.

“I drove a truck and I’d go across a bridge and think, ‘My god I hope I don’t fall down.’ And that needs to be done, not just highways but a whole bunch more stuff,” said Mike.

Missouri’s Department of Transportation estimates that once the tax reaches it’s peak in 2025, it will bring in more than 450 million dollars each year for road and bridge repair.

To get your motor fuel refund claim form from the Missouri Department of Revenue, click here.