Gas prices in Joplin are noticeably cheaper than in Pittsburg

Four-State motorists traveling between Kansas and Missouri may have noticed that gas is cheaper on the Missouri side, at least in our area.

According to the website as of Friday, March 20th, the average price of gas is about $1.76 cents a gallon in Joplin, but their gas price map shows prices ranging from $1.45 a gallon to $1.91 a gallon.

People in Pittsburg don’t have the same options. Every Pittsburg station on the GasBuddy map is charging $1.99 or $1.98 a gallon.

The co-owner of the Asbury Quik Stop, which is very close to the state line on the Missouri side, says that price difference brings him a lot of Kansas customers.

“The people who live in Pittsburg, they like to come to Missouri to get their gas and get their cigarettes, plus to get their beer too. The prices are way cheaper. They save money, and we are right on the state line. We have a lot of people who come from Kansas,” said Quik Stop co-owner Shawn Alqammaz.

Gas in Pittsburg may be a penny or two under two dollars a gallon right now, but according to, the average cost of a gallon of gas in Kansas is about $1.90 a gallon, as of Friday, March 20th.